Thursday, May 20, 2010

Upgrades from Blogger

The new look for the blog, for those 2 of you who sometimes stop by, is courtesy the new set of tools offered via on their new tools test site. There are far more options in terms of design templates, layout and customizations of both. This helps eliminate the need to hack the CSS and HTML - which I had been doing earlier with somewhat limited success in terms of liking what I saw.

Don't get me wrong. I am happy to be able to take somewhat of a crack at stylesheets. But I will be the first to resort to WYSIWYG editors. Especially when it comes to layout and design. These new abilities are much overdue. Not sure if it's enough to catch up with Wordpress and its tools. But at least Blogger is showing some intent in doing so. Of course, Blogger does one thing better - it allows users the ability to modify HTML for free as opposed to Wordpress who only offer that ability for a fee.

Anyways, those few of you who still have a Blogger account and haven't already moved over to Wordpress, you can finally do a few cool things with your blog's look and feel.


brij said...

Looks good. the font in the two side bars do look a wee bit tiny - but that could just be my sleepy head

Sarat said...

Thanks Brij. Will make the necessary adjustments.

Someone Somewhere Out There said...

Nice, clean new look. I normally just read you on google reader and this prompted me to actually come to your site.

Hope all's going great!

Sarat said...

Thanks Aparna.