Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Quick Gun Murugan is here

Shashanka Ghosh first created this memorable multi-layered character, a spoof on Old Westerns of the Clint Eastwood kind, and on boisterous Tamil and Telugu movies and their larger-than-life heroes, for a series of shorts/promos for "Channel [V]" in early 90's. Somewhere down the road he decided that "Quick Gun Murugan" (or "...Murugun", whatever), the "sambhar" cowboy as they're calling him now, deserves a larger feature-length movie for himself. That movie is now finally out - it released in India this past weekend and as I understand it has a mostly Hindi-English version, mostly Tamil-English version and a mostly Telugu-English version.

Trailer 1 is an international film circuit preview with mostly Tamil-English dialogues.

Trailer 2 is the mostly Hindi-English version.

Either ways, this does whet the appetite for the main course. I'll try and catch it sometime. I could use the laughs.


Venky said...

can NOTTT wayit for the mhovie I say ... super macha

Ravi said...

hopefully they saved some jokes for the actual movie. i think i want to watch all versions

Sarat said...

Venky: Does sounds like it could be a lot of fun. My only concern would be how successful were they in stretching/building on those 2 minute shorts to a full-length format.

Ravi: I'd like to watch all the versions too. Although not knowing Tamil, for me, could be a small hurdle to full enjoyment.

Ravi said...

i was in splits at the end of the hindi trailer where he is teaching tamil :)) ROTFL

Sarat said...

Ravi: Agree - that Tamil lesson was simply hilarious. LOL.

My parents still like watching Rajendra Prasad's (the Telugu actor who plays QGM) movies a lot. He seems to always have them in splits.